Lager 09

Schoppenhauer's cold storage no. 09 has 481 square meters and is designed according to the latest technical aspects and in conformity with the EU Directives. The travelling rack modules and the employed fork-lift reach truck guarantee an optimum utilisation of space as well as the possibility of permanent individual access.

The freezing process is carried out in relation to the product. Depending on the goods and later utilisation, one may opt between individual freezing, vertical plate freezing and block freezing. A shock-freezing chamber with a circulating air temperature of minus 40°C ensures quick freezing.

As an environment-conscious company we do not use Freon 12 which contains CFC, but employ ammonia instead as refrigerant.
1) Cold storage
  Food industry 5.000 m³ 2.100 Europallets
  Animal food industry 819 m³ 540 Europallets
2) Freezing
  CO2 belt freezing 8 hours 1.2 tons depending on the type and volume of product
  Tunnel freezing 24 hours 7 tons
  Vertical freezing (for animal food industry only) 24 hours 25-30 tons depending on thethe product and instructions
1) Cold storage -28.0 °C
- customs warehouse
- free goods storeroom
2) Blast freezing -40.0 °C
3) Production of IQF products via CO2 freezing plant
4) Consignment stock
5) Transport arrangement
6) Customs clearance