An essential part of our raw materials comes directly from the processing of fillet producers from regional and supraregional fishmarkets. These are fillet remainders in which we have specialised. After processing into a paste, the product is quickly frozen in special freezing plants and depending on the product's composition delivered to the animal food industry at home and abroad.

(Foto: The manager: Jens Schoppenhauer)
The different fillet remainders are on a high level of freshness just like the fish fillets from which they originate. Depending on the arisings, we mainly process rosefish, coalfish, salmon, shrimps, cod and plaice. These products are ground and mixed according to the recipes. The paste obtained this way is shock-frozen to compact plates in our vertical plate freezing plant, thus preserving the freshness of the original product until thawing.

Processing capacity:
25 - 30 tons per 24 hours depending on the product.

At present the cat food industry represents the main market for deep-frozen fish paste. But the product is extremely well suitable for the production of pet food and agricultural feed, too.